Much Ado About Clothing

Welcome to your new Italian Renaissance community.

I am Meg Duffy Vaughan of Tied to History. 16th century Italy is my favorite thing in the entirety of time. There have been many websites that have helped facilitate my passion over the years. I have devoured every dress diary and how-to blog I could lay my eyes on. As time has passed, some of these favorite websites have disappeared. My mission with this website is to create something that will last beyond me. I realize that I will burn out one day. When that day comes, I want to pass this site on to the next torch bearer.

While Italy is my thing, it is my hope that this community resource will grow to encompass the whole world during the 14th-17th centuries. Its a big dream, but it can be accomplished with your help!

I am not starting out on this journey alone. The team so far:

Lorenzo Petrucci , Paco Smith, and Melissa Jones

What you can expect


Historical Portrait Gallery. This will be hosted utilizing the wonder that is Pintrest. You will be able to use our website to find boards organized by location and decade

Recreations! We want to see your beautiful work and how you did it. These pictures and write ups will be featured here, hopefully for as long as the internet exists. These will also be searchable by location and decade.

Contests! When the initial work of getting the site set up is done we will be setting up an annual Costume Challenge. It will have a judges panel ( not just me) and prizes.

Resource Lists : Tried and True websites , suppliers, and research resorces.

If you are interested in watching it grow, the Pinterest is being worked on here.

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